Monday, 20 April 2009

soapy hole

Its only soap,
I don't suppose an explanation is needed here.
Ever since making this clip I have known there is still more to come. A family of soapy clips, each with their own personality and pizzazz. Possibly a big enough family to focus the next show on.
gooey, innocent, CLEAN, kitchy goodness.

PrettyHot.@ MIXED TAPE Rmit Grad Show, L'Oreal Fashion Festival 2008

Sunday, 19 April 2009


P.H.A.T chicks feeding the faces. 

P.H.A.T.'s self similarity

Pretty Hot And Tasty has decided to stop being so self obsessed. well, sort of.

'Self Similarity' is a new endeavor for P.H.A.T which includes the cladding of Spill Collective's four performance artists for their next show at Fed Square in June.

Refusal to call this purely a costume design gig comes from the fact that I am aiming to test the limits of P.H.A.T. ; its far fetching claims that there can be a more organic, conceptually based, processual way of working within the fashion industry.

This project arises more questions for myself:
Are the garments on exhibition, glorifying them as objects? What is the relationship between the performers body and the garment, is one in charge of the other, or is it a mutually beneficial relationship?
what happens to these garments/props after i have made them- the event is not for monetary gain but are the garments sold, hence a commodity?

Can the structural and processual elements of phat work for other projects, is it a valid template for the process of individual design?

The choice to self title my efforts for Spill Collective mean that not only is this a project about the four performances, and reflection of the installations from Spill, but it is also its own separate endeavor for PHAT. It will be interesting to see if the work produced has any connection with the other PHAT projects.

The title, Self Similarity relates to the generation of Fractal Patterns, worlds within worlds.
P.H.A.T. will find self similarity with the work produced in Spill Collective.