Friday, 12 February 2010

What's Eating You? some raw ideas.

Flesh Styling.
Visceral. Grotesque.

Some quotes I have been finding interesting:

"I started slowly, relishing the flavour and texture of each marvelous bite. Soon I was ripping the meager remains from the bones, stuffing the meat into my mouth as fast as I could detach it... In an animalistic orgy in the dark, on the floor, alone. Here was the horrid truth for (everyone) to see... I had been whoring after food" Cherry Boone O'Neil, Starving for Attention, N.Y, 1982.

"Plato, Augustine, Descartes; provide instructions, rules or models, of how to gain CONTROL over the body, with the ultimate aim of LEARNING TO LIVE WITHOUT IT.

Intellectual independence from the lure of the body's illusions, to become impervious to its distractions, and most important, to kill off its desires and hungers."

Therefore, are restraint based tasks or training schedules in part a way for the mind to place control over the body yet again? It is a fine line then as I was thinking previously that the physical restraints had nothing to do with the mind, but alas, it is the mind that has thought them up in the first place.
How confusing.

Bodybuilding is a restraint put upon the body, by the strength of the mind in the pursuit of a certain type of beauty ideal.

Reminds me of bonsai. in a constant state of pressure against itself, and its environment.

'You Are Not What You Eat' Collaborations.

Sarah Beetson has kindly invited P.H.A.T. to be involved!


resurrecting the term 'wearable art' from its crafty coffin of cross stitched denim shirts and felted gum-nut hats.

how is it unwearable?
Is it hideous, uncomfortable, ill fitting, the wrong size, made not to fit?
Is it just a piece of cloth?
Is it a liquid, a foodstuff, a sound, a thought

i would like to smear my t shirt on
paint my pockets open
wear my body out, style my flesh.